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Addams Family Costumes
Introduction to the website

Gomez Costume
Patriarch of the Addams Family

Morticia Costume

Matriarch of the Addams Family

Wednesday Costume

Daughter of Gomez and Morticia

Pugsley Costume
Son of Gomez and Morticia

Uncle Fester Costume
Brother of Gomez Addams

Grand Mama Costume
Mother of Morticia Addams

Lurch Costume
The Addams Family butler

Cousin It Costume
Cousin to Gomez Addams.

Halloween Pictures
Reader pics

Halloween Links
Halloween resources on the Net.

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, the Addams Family!" The Addams Family are truly the first family of Halloween and the most recent incarnation is the "New Addams Family" television series. So, this year why not assemble your friends and family and take on the persona's of the coolest and creepiest family around!

Like its sixties predecessor, the New Addams Family continues the tradition of those macabre characters created by Charles Addams. Below we've assembled all the information your need to create your own Addams Family clan for a spooky and kooky Halloween night of fun. Each article includes costume suggestions, makeup tips, and basic background information for each family member to help you get "in character".


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